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25 foot radius sanding bar 6

25 foot radius sanding bar

this is a 25 foot radius sanding bar


Bender hardware package ( SPRINGS ) 3

Bender hardware package ( SPRINGS )

You will get 3 pair of springs a pair each for the front and rear of the pattern and 1 pair for the waist cawl. Also you will get the hook to hold...


bracing radius block 15 foot radius 5

bracing radius block 15 foot radius

this is a 15 foot radius sanding block to true up bracing CNC machined for accuracy


Bracing Radius block 28 foot 5

Bracing Radius block 28 foot

28 foot radius block for truing the brace radius . This is CNCed and is made from baltic birch and corian . They are 24 inches long 2 inch wide .


Bridge setting template 1

Bridge setting template

this is for both 24.9 and 25.4 scale length. You set them to the nut and aline the saddle to the end.


Concave Luthier Disk 14

Concave Luthier Disk

The pre-radiused concave luthier disk is for sanding guitar sides to contour the back and top radii. The unit is 24 inches in diameter. This is a...

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Deep Throat 6 inch C clamp 2

Deep Throat 6 inch C clamp

Used to clamp bridges. The deep throat allows you to postion the bridge where it needs to be and provide secure clamping. Use three clamps for best...


Gobar Deck 24

Gobar Deck

This unit is used to do top and back glue ups. You can use the luthier disks in them to help with the contour. Unit comes unassembeled with all parts...


Gobar Rods 2

Gobar Rods

This is a set of 20 go bar rods. They are fiberglass rods approximately 21.5 inches long. They will provide about an 8lb clamping force.


Norlad ish glue 4 oz 0.5

Norlad ish glue 4 oz

4 oz bottle of Norlad fish glue. Clamp time 6 hr easy clean up with warm water. Great tack strength , all the benefit of Hot hide glue but with more...


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