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1937 D45 Guitar kit


This is a 1st quality kit from Blues Creek Guitars. It is based off the 1937 design of a D45. The kit is complete and will have all the parts included . This is NOT A KIT FOR A BEGINNER . Please read this list carefully and ask any question you feel you need to. I CAN ONLY SHIP TO A US ADDRESS.

This is BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD. I have a copy of the CITIES paperwork I received . This is the real deal. The back and sides are a perfect color and book match. The sides are bent , trimmed and contoured for a 14 fret Dred . The back is glued up and thicknessed with a 1937 style D 45 multi color back strip. The braces for the back are the vintage style with the wider lower 3 and 4 brace. The top braces are scalloped 5/16 Sitka spruce , as what was used for this period. The inlay of the rosette is installed and the top thicknessed to 37 speck. This rosette is a bit different from the modern one and is based off pictures and measurements taken at the Martin Museum.
The neck will have the TEE bar non adjustable truss rod and will have to be compression fretted. I have included the set of fretwire. I also have a video on you tube to show this process. The Tuners are WAVERLEY. The fretboard is designed to be bound with IVROID and the inlay has been done. The headstock has the Martin Torch and is also inlaid. This is a HIGH QUALITY kit and is for the SERIOUS builder. This is a buy it now only auction .
The binding is all included , you will get the top binding with some ebony to create the under the fretboard and extension purfling. ALL PEARL is included , there is plenty of .065 top pearl and .048 side and back pearl. Along with the binding and purfling the poly teflon strips are also included. The top will have a binding b/w/b poly/ b/w/b the sides get a b/w/b against the binding and a b/w against the side. The back is the same way b/w/b against the binding and b/w against the brazilian. The back is glued and all bracing plots are drawn out. I had the privilege to inspect the guitar in the Martin museum and a 1939 D45 that was owned by a good friend. , so this is as close to a $300,000.00 guitar as most of us will ever get.

The ebony fretboard is slotted and radiused and trimmer. When bound the nut will be 1 3/4. The bridge is hand made to patterns for a 1937 through bridge. Bone Nut and Saddle are included. The pins are Bone Red Dot. There are pearl side dot markers. This time period only 1 dot is used on the side at the 12th fret.

The bracing is designed to be tucked.

BRIDGE FRETBOARD EBONY 2 5/16 through glued in saddle
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  • Model: D45 BRZ

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