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Blues Creek Guitars D18 with Rec Spruce top 1937 specs


T This kit is based off a 1937 Martin D18. This kit is high end and is designed to the 37 pre war specs. The back and sides are Honduran Mahogany , bent contoured and trimmed. The back has a rosewood center piece as was done in the pre war period. Often they were ebony or rosewood.
The top is Torrified red spruce with a period correct rosette. The old 18 style has a thinner inner and outer ring. The braces are forward shifted scalloped Sitka spruce 5/16 inch . The back braces are period in size and shape with the lower braces being the wider and lower braces. All the parts are included in this kit down to the strings. The Pick guard is similar included . So this whole kit is designed with the pre war spec in mind. The top and back are thinned to pre war spec. There are side support ribbons was were used at this time.
The fretboard has the smaller dots . The nut is 1 3/4 and the 12th fret and bridge are 2 1/4. Both the fretboard and bridge are ebony with the bridge having a drop in saddle. Nut and saddle are both Bone. The pins are ebony. The neck is a dovetail and it has a modern 2 way adjustable rod and drop in saddle . The kerfed lining is Spanish cedar. The neck block is also done to pre war spec and a bit thicker than the modern neck block. This change occurred in 1939. In the 37 era no Popsicle brace was used though I do suggest you use the one included. You can cut it down in size to support the edge of the fretboard over the top.
The binding is a darker tortoise than is used today and has a matching heel cap and end wedge. This is a high end kit so please feel free to ask questions if you need to. I am here to help and I do have full building support for you
I suggest using a building mold and spreader.

Neck 2 way adjustable Mahogany 14 fret
Fret Board and Bridge EBONY
Nut and Saddle BONE

A pick guard is included. We do supply full building support and have video to support you on You tube under BLUES CREEK GUITARS. You are free to contact me any time at Blues Creek Guitars.
We do promise that the parts will fit for this kit and are not low quality. We work hard to provide the best kits available
You will find over 80 videos to support your kit build on you tube under Blues Creek Guitars. We provide all the support to build this kit and see it through completion. We use the best quality parts out there and in many cases we make the parts .We stand behind out kits and take service and our customers seriously. We want you to be successful.
Be aware that there are sellers out there that are selling kits of inferior quality and do not have the correct parts for the kits listed. We want your experience to be enjoyable .

  • Model: BCG D18 37
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs

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