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Whether you are just beginning or a master luthier, Blues Creek Guitars offers several resources to help you become better at the trade.

Select an article or YouTube video from the menus on the right to learn more about building and maintaining acoustic guitars. These tutorials will give you important background information on the tools and techniques you will need to build your own acoustic guitars.

You will also find out how to properly use the guitar building tools offered by Blues Creek Guitars, like our side bending machine and binding cutting fixture. Keep this page bookmarked as a reference for your guitar building projects.

Read our Step by Step articles here on the website or subscribe to Blues Creek Guitars' YouTube Channel and watch Master Luthier, John Hall, give tips and instructions on how to build your next guitar.

Learn to build acoustic guitars from John F. Hall, Jr. custom guitar builder and machinist. Benefit from his extensive acoustic guitar building knowledge and stop by John's shop for a custom guitar inlay or acoustic guitar building class to create your dream guitar.

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