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Martin Neck Removal

To remove a neck from a Martin guitar is a fairly simple process. I use a pressure cooker as a steam generator. I have seen other people use cappuccino machines also. Which method you use to generate steam is not important as long as you have one.

The 15th fret is pulled on a 14 fret and the 13th fret is pulled on a 12 fret. A small hole is drilled straight down through the fretboard and into the neck joint. I like to use masking tape and tape the binding at the neck area. I also use a heat lamp and insulators. First I cover the top with the insulators and allow the heat lamp to heat up the tang for about 3 minutes. I take an artists pallet knife and work it under the tang of the neck. With this loosened I keep the knife under the tang so it won't reattach. I then place the steam needle into the hole previously drilled. After a few minutes I start to work the neck, right to left. When it starts to move keep wiggling and pull up on it. Once it is loosened and out of the joint, clean up the glue surface areas while the glue is still soft. Wipe up the area with a clean cotton rag and let set for a few days to thoroughly dry. You will need to replace the fret and repair the little hole. Super glue and dust works well.

You now have a neck that you can rework and reset.

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